George Kerry Life Foundation

Disease - Disability - Illiteracy - Poverty

GKLF was founded by Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria - Dr. Matilda Kerry in honor and memory of her Father the Late Dr George Kerry.

The George Kerry Life Foundation (GKLF) is established to reduce the burden of Non communicable diseases in Africa by providing accessible, affordable and people centred health awareness, screening and training services to communities

Since our inception in 2006 we have run health education and intervention programmes that have positively impacted the lives of community dwellers. Our programmes vary from Health awareness to cervical cancer,  breast cancer and prostate cancer screening programmes,  including stroke, Diabetes and Hypertension awareness and prevention.

The mission of GKLF is to reduce the burden of Non communicable diseases in Africa through accessible, affordable  and people centered health awareness, screening  and training services guided by international standards and protocols.

 The Vision of GKLF is to provide free and equitable health services to reduce the prevalence of Non communicable diseases in Africa whilst maintaining international standards and providing quality assurance to all program beneficiaries.

Our stake holders include, Health care professionals, Health educators, Non governmental organizations, Government Organizations, Corporate bodies and the community.