Invitation to support the 2022 Global Cervical Cancer Month Activities

January 2022 is only a few weeks ahead, the month declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Cervical Cancer (CC) month. A concert of initiatives would be launched across the global community to raise awareness for cancer. The George Kerry Life Foundation (GKLF), a not-for-profit based in Nigeria with a global reach across 200 countries all over the world, would again be a part of this global coalition to fight Cervical Cancer (CC) which continues to pose a threat to humans.

For over a decade GKLF has remained a critical voice in the global advocacy to tackle the scourge of CC through intensive rural and urban medical outreach, where it deploys free counseling and testing for the vulnerable demographic sector of the populace, including referrals and rehabilitation of patients.

Inspired by the World Health Organization’s global agenda to eliminate CC as a public health problem, GKLF proposes a Pan-Nigeria, multi-sectoral campaign for the month of January 2022, themed:

” War Cry: The Last Mile Cervical Cancer Campaign”

GKLF seeks to leverage its universe of stakeholder groups in its quest to deepen the key messaging for tackling this terrible scourge.The foundation’s diverse advocacy footprint derives largely from the enduring vision of Dr. Matilda Kerry-Osazuwa her firm belief in the power of partnership as a formidable catalyst to scale the impact of social good: and the organization’s drive for sustainable enterprise development through Public-Private Partnerships which maximize the benefits of Public Healthcare. As the winner of the MBGN 2000, Dr. Matilda has nurtured an abiding passion for women’s health, which today resonates with the shared vision of other ex-beauty queens. Driven by this shared passion and vision, NGO’s, government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), academicians, physicians, the alumni of the ex MBGN Queens, and celebrities in the entertainment industry have signed up for what would be a “Last Mile Walk to eliminate CC”, an effort designed to sensitize women most at risk for cervical cancer (Women Living with HIV – WLHIV and women ages 25-49 years) and the public in general about basic medical and lifestyle tips to eliminate this existential threat.

Please find below a snapshot of the activation plan:

Cervical Cancer is, indeed, an unfortunate affliction that depletes the core of the nation’s enterprise resources and human capital with a mind-boggling average of 8000 Nigerian women lost every hour to CC.  Indeed, you may not be infected, but we all are affected by this scourge. Let’s lend our individual and corporate voices to the 2022 “War Cry: The Last Mile campaign against Cervical Cancer” that our women may live.

You can contact GKLF via email at, or call us on 08099553165.
To donate directly to this noble cause;
Nigerian donors can use – Zenith Bank Account 1013627347
Foreign donors can to our GoFundMe account by clicking here

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