Breast cancer awareness month; How to do a breast self-examination.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Every year the month of October is dedicated to creating awareness about breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness month is an opportunity to increase awareness about the most common type of cancer affecting women.


Breast cancer is responsible for at least 500,000 deaths among women worldwide. It is currently the most prevalent type of cancer occurring worldwide with 2.26 million cases. Every woman needs to be informed about breast cancer and understand what to do to lower their risk, this is important because the 2 most prevalent risk factors for breast cancer are;

1. Being female
2. Getting older

Research has shown that making some lifestyle and behavioural changes can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Some of those changes include;

  • Regular physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Breastfeeding for longer periods
  • Quitting smoking and tobacco intake
  • Reduction of alcohol intake
  • Reduced exposure to radiation

With breast cancer, early detection is important for the best treatment options and ultimately, survival. One of the ways to stay breast aware and encourage early detection is having regular breast self-examinations. This can be done monthly usually 2-3 days after your period.

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Breast self-examinations can be done standing (looking in a mirror), lying on the bed and in the shower. Beyond breast examinations, make sure to report any unusual changes to your doctor for immediate attention.

Early detection is critical so get checking.


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