July 25, 2018

Breast Clinic Project

GKLF seeks to set up a highly needed Breast Cancer Clinic in an accessible location in Lagos and we need you to help us achieve this.

“A few months ago, 35 year old Ayomide walks into our make shift clinic at Ifako. She had noticed a lump in her breast 6 months prior but ignored it and prayed it would go away. We discovered she has an ulcer over the breast lump, several small growths in both her arm pits and some difficulty breathing, Ayomide already has late stage breast cancer. She is an accountant, wife and mother of two beautiful girls; she has less than a year left to live amidst a series of painful debilitating treatment options to slow the progress of her disease

  • The George Kerry Life Foundation (GKLF), since 2007, has fought to prevent thousands of Nigerian women from suffering the same fate as Ayomide.
  • Our breast and cervical cancer control campaigns is at the forefront of our Non Communicable Disease (NCD) control activities.  We have reached over 100,000 families through media messages and directly screened over 11,000 community women across the country.
  • Our main goal is to detect breast cancer and pre-cancer of the cervix early enough to institute treatment, prevent late stage disease and death.
  • Our ultimate Vision is equitable health care for all African women


  • Following the implementation of our community screening programs there has been an ever growing demand for complementary breast, cervical and women health services, necessitating the setup of this breast clinic.
  • Our fragmented health system, high costs of complementary diagnostic and treatment services across different health facilities in Nigeria and sub-optimal quality of care, poses a huge challenge to prompt follow up management in diagnosed women
  • The clinic will be set up in an accessible area of Lagos state and apply universally standardized medical protocols in line with best international practices


  • Providing subsidized complimentary diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Establishing a fluid network of breast care service providers with patient navigation system.
  • Applying globally standardized patient treatment protocols developed and monitored by our international health partners.
  • The clinic will also operate specialist medical diagnostic support services via e-medicine platforms with affordable medical tourism packages in collaboration with Magee women’s hospital of UPMC



  • Clinical breast Examination
  • Mammography
  • Breast ultrasonography
  • Fine Needle aspiration cytology
  • Lumpectomy
  • Biopsy and Histology


  • Cervical cancer screening (VIA & Pap Smear)
  • Colposcopic diagnosis of cervical lesions
  • Cryosurgery treatment of the cervix
  • HPV Vaccination


  • Patient Navigation
  • Medical tourism
  • Counselling
  • Family planning
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Mini Health checks
  • Mini laboratory service


  • We are working closely with Magee women’s Hospital of UPMC in Pennsylvania, USA and Bridgeway Microfinance bank, Nigeria to establish a 9 hour/day breast clinic.
  • To kickstart this venture, Magee women’s hospital of UPMC has donated a mammogram to the George Kerry Life Foundation for the purpose of this clinic.
  • Magee will continue to act as a technical partner to ensure the clinic operates internationally standardized protocols and procedures for the best management and outcome of our clients.
  • Magee is prepared to provide human resource training for our equipment technicians, patient navigators and other key employees.
  • Bridgeway microfinance bank offers us flexible financial support packages and loans to support the establishment of this clinic.
  • Our female clients will also benefit from their many financial support packages and health insurance plans to prevent breast and cervical cancer.
  • The clinic will be co-owned and co-managed by the George Kerry Life Foundation.



  • Mammogram | 10,000,000| DONATED
  • Freight/Clearing/Transport | 2,632,800 | COMPLETED
  • Setup clinic (Minimum) | 12,760,000 | PENDING
  • Running costs/annum (Minimum) | 5,220,000 | PENDING
The financial burden of setting up this clinic cannot be borne by GKLF and her partners alone. We therefore make a call to YOU to support our endeavor by making a financial donation now!
Help to give thousands of women in Nigeria and around the world a chance against breast and cervical cancer.  
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or pay at the bank using the following details “George Kerry Life Foundation | Zenith Bank | Naira Account 1013627347 | Dollar Account |5070693574”